Carteret County Man Arrested on Drug Charges

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A Carteret County man has recently been charged with various drug crimes. Delton Mishon Doneghy, 33, of Nine Foot Road in Newport, has been arrested after authorities conducted several undercover purchases of crack cocaine from his residence. Doneghy was charged with a slew of drug crimes stemming from the undercover sales.

After the undercover drug deals, deputies received a search warrant for Doneghy’s home. While executing the search warrant, they seized four grams of marijuana and seven grams of crack cocaine. Doneghy had flushed the drugs down a toilet in an attempt to dispose of them, but the deputies were able to find the drugs in the septic tank.

The Carteret County Sheriff’s Office charged Doneghy with three counts of possession with the intent to sell and deliver crack cocaine, two counts of maintaining a dwelling to sell a controlled substance, two counts of sell and deliver crack cocaine, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.

This was not Doneghy’s first brush with the law. According to the North Carolina Department of Correction, he was convicted of possession with intent to sell a Schedule II controlled substance on October 4, 2002. Doneghy was released from prison on that charge on September 1, 2005. He also has been convicted of other similar drug crimes in 1999 and 1997. Additionally, he has prior convictions for obtaining property by false pretenses and assault in the 1990s.

Doneghy’s bond was set at $100,000.

Source: “Man arrested on various drug charges” 8/27/10