An attorney at the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, will defend you if you are accused of mail fraud or wire fraud. While the allegations are serious, the bigger concern is that these charges may lead to more white-collar crime charges, including RICO charges. Mail fraud and wire fraud are broad business crimes and it is typical that they provide evidence for other egregious charges with more significant penalties.

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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in North Carolina

Mail fraud, or fraud involving the United States Postal Service or another mail carrier, is distinguished from wire fraud.

  • Mail fraud: This fraud is any scheme to defraud someone through the channels of the U.S. Postal Service or other mail carriers.
  • Wire fraud: Wire fraud is a scheme to defraud someone through electronic communication, such as the Internet, television, radio, or telemarketing.

You can be charged with mail fraud or wire fraud even if your attempt to defraud was unsuccessful. While mail fraud is a federal charge, you may be charged with wire fraud in North Carolina; both are felony offenses.

We Get the Court to Listen To You

We have tried many federal cases. We understand the legal complexities of federal cases, such as grand jury indictments, evidence discovery, and motion deadlines. The criminal justice system can be overwhelming, especially for first-time mail or wire fraud suspects. We work to ensure that you understand your case and inform you of your rights throughout the life of your case.

To convict you of mail or wire fraud, you had to intend to defraud someone. We fight the prosecutor’s showing of intent by challenging their story and their evidence. We will advocate for you in federal or state court. Contact Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, to schedule your mail or wire fraud defense consultation with an experienced lawyer. Don’t wait and worry – take charge of your future today.

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