Experienced Sex Trafficking Attorneys in North Carolina (NCGS §§ 14-43.13, 14-43.11, 18 U.S. CODE § 1584)

Sex trafficking makes up the bulk of human trafficking operations in North Carolina. Not surprisingly, sex trafficking is a huge priority for state and federal law enforcement. They often cast a wide net in conducting investigations. Their approach is often to pin down lower-level participants, threatening them with serious charges if they don’t cooperate, and then using those participants to get at the “big fish.”

If you’re under investigation for sex trafficking or you’ve been arrested or sought for questioning NOW is the time to get an experienced defense attorney on your side.

You’re in very deep waters with these kinds of accusations. Even marginal involvement in a sex-trafficking operation could lead to dozens of charges at the state and federal levels. The potential consequences will almost certainly include a lengthy prison sentence for a conviction.

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What IS Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is a subset of human trafficking that involves inducing a commercial sex act through coercion, fraud, or force. It also includes using minors to engage in commercial sex acts, regardless of whether coercion or fraud is involved.

The alleged victims of human trafficking are generally said to have been either coerced, deceived or both. Coercion can include:

  • Threatening or blackmailing the victim
  • Brandishing a weapon to ensure compliance
  • Physically restraining the victim
  • Destroying an immigration passport or other official ID document
  • Giving drugs or controlled substances to the victim

Deception can mean:

  • Making up or confirming the victim’s belief in a false story or fact
  • Purposefully keeping the victim in debt to another
  • Making false promises to the victim (for example, promising illegal aliens that they’ll get green cards)

Sex trafficking operations may take many forms, from an underground prostitution ring to a spa or massage parlor that’s a front for the illegal sex trade.

What Kinds Of Charges Can Come Out Of Sex Trafficking

If you’re arrested or under investigation in connection with sex trafficking, you could face a wide range of serious criminal charges, including:

  • Sexual servitude
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping
  • Involuntary servitude
  • Sale into involuntary servitude
  • Prostitution and pimping
  • The exploitation of a minor
  • Unlawful sale, surrender, or purchase of a minor
  • Conspiracy

Each of these charges carries harsh potential penalties. In sex trafficking cases, multicount felony charges spanning across the board are common, especially for those alleged to have been the “masterminds” or leaders in the operation. And operations involving child trafficking can lead to even harsher penalties.

Even Minor Participants Can Face Major Consequences

You don’t have to run a sex trafficking ring to get caught up in law enforcement’s net. Perhaps you were a one-time customer and didn’t realize what you were getting into. If minors were involved, you likely had no clue about their age, nor had any inkling that they were sex trafficking victims. Nonetheless, prosecutors may try to prove that you were in some way connected to the buying or selling of a minor (for cash or otherwise), even if they can’t prove you were a sex trafficker yourself. And, depending on the specific charges you’re facing, you could end up spending years in prison.

The key to a strong defense in these cases is to involve a seasoned defense lawyer as soon as possible. Investigators may be fishing for information that can lead them to bigger fish. You need a strong negotiator on your side to secure a favorable outcome and to ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of.

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Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to fighting for the BEST possible outcome in your case.

That may mean negotiating a deal, securing immunity, getting charges reduced, or preventing charges from being filed in the first place. Of course, should your case proceed to trial, you can rely on us to capably defend you in court. We are skilled advocates in the courtroom with many success stories under our belts in serious sex offense cases.

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