A sexual assault charge is a serious allegation that can bring about heavy penalties. For military members, the thought of facing prison brings stress and anxiety. When your reputation and freedom are at stake, you need a tough criminal defense lawyer who can fight your charges effectively.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC in North Carolina, you will find the experienced and aggressive legal team you are looking for. We have several locations around the state, including an office in Wilmington (near Camp Lejeune).

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Ready To Take On Your Case No Matter How Complex in North Carolina

Here at Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we are prepared to take on a wide range of sex crimes, including:

If you’re facing military proceedings under the UCMJ for a sexual assault or related offense, you could still face parallel charges at the state level.

It is essential that you speak with us as soon as possible, even if you are still under investigation and have not been charged. When we handle your case early on, we are likely to prevent more unwarranted charges from coming your way. If you have received a target letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, it is especially crucial that you seek legal help immediately, so that you do not have to face federal charges alone.

Are Your Charges Related To A Divorce in North Carolina?

In many cases, military sex crime allegations also stem from a military divorce case. For example, your ex-wife may claim that you sexually abused your children or stepchildren so she could win a custody battle. Regardless of how your charges may relate to a divorce, you can rely on us to deliver a strong defense in your favor.

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