Dna Evidence and Appealing a Sex Crime in Raleigh, NC

Unfortunately, there are people in jail and prison right now serving time for a crime they did not commit. Fortunately, improvements in criminal forensics, particularly DNA testing, mean that you have may have a new weapon to fight an existing sex crime conviction. Newly-discovered DNA evidence or previously-untested DNA evidence can be used to reopen and reevaluate sex crimes cases and in some cases, overturn a conviction.

If you or your loved one is serving time in prison or has to register as a sex offender for a sex crime he or she did not commit, contact our Raleigh law office today to discuss whether DNA evidence might now be available to get you out of prison and clear your name. At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, our team of criminal defense attorneys will fight for your freedom. We offer a free consultation and can also be reached by phone at 919-838-6643.

How We Can Use DNA Evidence to Appeal Your Sex Crime Conviction

A false accusation of a sex crime that has led to an improper conviction or guilty plea should not be allowed to punish a person for a crime that was not committed. Our Raleigh criminal defense lawyers can appeal a conviction on your behalf if you have been convicted of a state or federal sex crime. An appeal based on DNA evidence will either assert that:

  • There was DNA evidence available during a sex crimes trial and it was not tested or compared with the defendant’s DNA, or that
  • New DNA evidence was found after a conviction that must should be tested because it may prove your innocence.

Whether your conviction was based on false allegations and testimony or lack of DNA evidence, we are here to reevaluate your case to determine if there is a substantial basis for an appeal. In some cases, backlogs at state crime labs have meant that important evidence was not properly tested during your criminal prosecution. If that is the case, we will fight for your right to a fair trial based on all the evidence available, including DNA evidence.

Contact Our North Carolina Sexual Assault Charge Appeal Attorney

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