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If you are under arrest or are being investigated by law enforcement agents, the lawyer you choose can make a difference. At the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, attorneys Kevin Marcilliat & Miranda Mills have extensive criminal law experience and has defended individuals charged with a felony and misdemeanor crimes throughout North Carolina. We have achieved successful results for many clients and will continue to provide our clients with an aggressive, intelligent criminal defense.

State vs. J.H.Our client was part of a group of people accused of breaking into a neighbor’s home and stealing money. We gathered evidence to prove that our client was at home when the break-in occurred. Result: After the prosecutor initially offered the client a felony plea, the charges were dismissed. Read more about our Proven Results in Difficult Cases..

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We will help protect your rights and pursue the reduction or dismissal of your charges. We will also provide the personal attention that you deserve from your attorney.

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North Carolina v. J.S.
Indecent Exposure

Potentially Facing: 30 days in Jail

Result: Case Dismissed

Marcilliat & Mills PLLC acted quickly, meeting with the DA’s office to mitigate on behalf of their client, who had no prior criminal history. Defendant had cooperated fully with the officer. At defense counsel’s prompting, the ADA spoke with his Law Enforcement Officers and determined that Defendant had been through enough already. Dismissed on the first court date.