Skilled Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina

An arrest for lewd conduct can be an embarrassing situation. It may seem like everyone around you is judging — possibly even family and friends. At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, in Raleigh, our legal team will always treat you with respect. You have a right to the presumption of innocence and your day in court.

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Raleigh Indecent Exposure Defense Attorney

Under North Carolina law, indecent exposure and other lewd or lascivious behavior can result in misdemeanor charges. However, if there is a minor under the age of 16 present or involved, the same acts can result in felony sex crime charges. No matter the circumstances surrounding your arrest, our criminal defense law firm is on your side and at your service.

Our Raleigh indecent exposure defense attorneys have extensive experience defending clients facing charges that include:

  • Lewd acts in a public place
  • Lewd acts with a minor
  • Indecent exposure
  • Indecent exposure with a minor present
  • Prostitution or solicitation of prostitution
  • Other lewd behavior

Aggressive Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for indecent exposure or other lewd behavior in North Carolina, don’t let your reputation be permanently tarnished. Put an experienced defense lawyer on your side from the very beginning. Contact us immediately for a free initial consultation.