Desperation or a feeling of hopelessness is often the trigger for embezzlement. A criminal defense lawyer will protect you during an embezzlement investigation. If you are charged with embezzlement, a lawyer will listen to your story and devise a powerful defense strategy.

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When police or an investigator asks you questions about a scheme to embezzle funds, you need a lawyer. Answers and comments made to police or investigators before you are charged can still be used against you. This is how the government prepares a case – they talk to witnesses, hoping that someone will share incriminating information. We want to inform you of your rights before it is too late.

Even if the investigation has ended and you are charged with embezzlement or another financial fraud crime, don’t lose hope. We may still be able to challenge the prosecutor’s argument and work to get the charges dropped. We understand that you were the victim of difficult circumstances and hard times, and we want to protect your future by aggressively defending you.

We Understand This Difficult Time

Embezzlement is not a simple crime. You may have thought you could pay the money back before you were caught. If this is true, we want the prosecutor, judge or jury to understand your side of the story. Regardless of your situation, we handle all aspects of your embezzlement defense to achieve the solution that is best for your circumstances.

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