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At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC we have successfully defended some of the most difficult sex crimes cases imaginable over more than a decade.

He leads our skilled team of sex crimes defense attorneys in pursuing the best outcome for each of our clients who are facing charges in Cary that jeopardize their reputations before the State has proven a crime has actually occurred.

Our experienced team of Wake and Chatham Counties sex crimes defense attorneys understand that when our North Carolina residents are accused of statutory rape, their livelihoods, and very freedom are at stake.

We believe each of our client’s rights to be presumed innocent until proven guilty should not be overlooked by the prosecutor or the public, which is why we focus on prioritizing facts over allegations to develop unique and effective defense strategies that produce results.

How can we help you restore your integrity after a statutory rape charge has jeopardized your future?

What is Considered Statutory Rape in North Carolina?

The legal age of sexual consent in North Carolina is 16.

That means no one male or female under the age of 16 can consent to sexual intercourse, whether they were completely willing or in agreement to participate.

No matter the type of relationship the two people have, the older person in the relationship could face serious criminal charges for sexual activity with someone who is legally considered a minor if the age difference between them meets the legal standard.

Contact Marcilliat & Mills PLLC for experienced, aggressive, and determined advocacy that pursues real results for those accused of sex crimes, so you can pursue the best outcome to minimize the consequences these charges present to your future.

What Legal Penalties Do Statutory Rape Convictions Carry in North Carolina?

Statutory rape is a felony in North Carolina, yet the penalty for a conviction depends on the age difference between the parties who allegedly had sexual intercourse.

A statutory rape conviction in Cary and throughout North Carolina may leave the defendant facing severe consequences, including when there is a:

  • Class C felony charge, with a maximum term of 279 months imprisonment when there is a four to six-year age difference between the parties.
  • Class B1 felony charge, with a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole when there is a six-year or greater age difference between the parties.

North Carolina has an exception to the statutory rape law that states when teenagers engage in consensual sex, and are within four years of age, the older party cannot face statutory rape charges.

If you or a loved one has been accused of or charged with statutory rape in Cary, North Carolina, contact our skilled sex crimes attorneys to discuss your case and learn how we can build a customized, strategic defense for your unique circumstances today.

Leading Sex Crimes Attorneys Representing Clients in Cary, North Carolina

Many statutory rape allegations are reported by concerned parties, including family members, social workers, guidance counselors, and teachers or other school staff.

These allegations can damage the reputation of the older individual in question, even when charges are never brought against him or her.

When charges are brought, the court of public opinion quickly takes over, undermining the integrity of the accused, and placing him or her in a legal predicament they were not prepared for nor know how to respond to or have the capacity to defend on their own.

That is where our skilled sex crimes attorneys can help.

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Our skilled statutory rape attorneys focus on pursuing positive results for all North Carolinians and South Carolinians facing these difficult charges. With so much on the line, do not take chances with your outcome. Putting your future in the hands of an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer could mean the difference in your very freedom.

Contact our statutory rape attorneys in Wake and Chatham Counties today to learn more about the innovative defense strategies we implement for each of our client’s unique and important cases.

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