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In just over a decade, our skilled Raleigh criminal defense attorneys at the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, have handled over 5,000 cases with uncompromising precision, producing significant results in difficult cases for clients throughout North Carolina to ensure their criminal charges do not define their futures.

We understand that when our clients are accused of forcible rape, their reputations, livelihoods, and very freedom are at stake.

With so much on the line, it is imperative to partner with a team of Raleigh criminal defense attorneys who have over 110 combined years of experience producing positive results for all North Carolinians facing these difficult charges.

We provide a tactical edge when it comes to defending forcible rape clients by prioritizing facts over allegations and developing effective defense strategies.

Our North Carolina criminal defense law firm works closely with sex-crimes prosecutors who have defended some of the most difficult sex crimes cases imaginable. We have a wealth of experience in sex crimes cases. And we understand how prosecutors evaluate and prepare their cases.

Our talented team of criminal defense attorneys has established themselves as an authoritative presence inside and outside both state and federal courtrooms, reputably producing real results for our clients through case dismissals, reduced charges, and other recognizably favorable outcomes.

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What are the Different Degrees of Forcible Rape in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, there are two separate degrees of rape: First-degree rape and Second-degree rape.

Here, we explain the difference between the two, and the severe penalties that accompany their convictions.

First-Degree Rape in North Carolina is defined as a person forcing a victim to have non-consensual sex when one or more of the following factors is true.

The perpetrator:

  • Inflicts severe injury upon the victim
  • Possesses a deadly weapon
  • Aided by one or more other persons

First-degree forcible rape is a Class B1 felony and carries a minimum sentence of at least 144 months in prison and a potential maximum sentence of life in prison.

Statutory rape is also considered a first-degree rape charge and can occur when a victim is younger than 13 years old, and the defendant is at least 12 years old, and at least four years older than the victim.

Second-Degree Rape in North Carolina is defined as a person forcing a victim to have non-consensual sex when the victim is incapable of giving consent because of a mental disability or incapacitation, or physical helplessness.

Second-degree forcible rape is a Class C felony and carries a sentence of 44 to 182 months in prison, and if convicted the individual must register as a sex offender upon his release.

In North Carolina, you may also be charged with attempted second-degree forcible rape even if he was unsuccessful in achieving penetration, which is a Class D felony, punishable by 38 to 80 months in prison.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, our powerful state and federal rape defense attorneys in North Carolina provide our clients with the protection they need to ensure their stories are told without public, private, or legal bias compromising their rights.

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