Synthetic drugs that mimic marijuana or other illegal drugs are now considered controlled substances both by North Carolina law enforcement and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). This means that merely possessing K2, Spice or bath salts could get you in state or federal criminal trouble.

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Synthetic Drug Crimes And Punishment

Criminal offenses involving synthetic drugs are not much different than drug charges involving other illegal drugs. You may face state or federal drug charges of:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to sell, manufacture, deliver or distribute synthetic drugs
  • Conspiracy to distribute synthetic drugs
  • Drug trafficking

Even if you were previously able to purchase the same drugs over the counter at a local head shop or smoke shop, you may now face criminal charges for the following drugs or newly-created drugs that mimic any of these drugs:

  • Synthetic marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids, K2, Spice or incense
  • Bath salts or synthetic cathinones

These synthetic substances are classified as schedule I controlled substances under federal law, meaning that they are highly addictive and have no medically accepted purpose. Under North Carolina state law, however, synthetic marijuana is classed as a schedule VI controlled substance.

A federal drug charge involving synthetics will have a vastly different outcome than a state charge involving synthetics if you are convicted. The federal sentencing guidelines require mandatory minimum prison sentences for some drug crimes, now including all illegal synthetic drugs. Those convicted of a state drug crime in North Carolina may be eligible for the Wake County Drug Court program, a diversion and rehabilitation program instead of jail.

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