Drug trafficking and other federal drug crimes are serious charges with consequences that include steep fines and years in prison if convicted. Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer can make a difference in protecting your rights and freedom.

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When you need a federal drug crime attorney, count on Marcilliat & Mills PLLC. We have successfully defended clients charged with conspiracy and other felony drug crimes throughout North Carolina, and we defend persons charged in federal courts in the Eastern, Western, and Middle Districts of North Carolina. Our cases include charges of:

Many federal drug crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences if you are convicted. However, not every federal drug charge ends in these serious consequences. Attorney Roberts‘ understanding of the prosecution’s case and his commitment and attention to detail can help you avoid some of the harsh realities of a federal criminal conviction. When appropriate, he can challenge evidence to lessen the charge or negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce or eliminate certain mandatory penalties.

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U.S. vs. J.R.
Charge: Mail Fraud (9 Counts), Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud
Facing: Three years in prison
Result: One year, One day

Our client was convicted of nine counts of mail fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The government alleged that our client fraudulently obtained more than $115,000 from her former employer. At the sentencing hearing, the Judge granted our motion for a downward departure, sentencing our client to one year and one day. The government had asked the judge to sentence our client to several years.