Drug trafficking conspiracy charges may land you in either state or federal court, or both. A conviction for drug trafficking, or conspiracy to traffic narcotics, will trigger mandatory minimum sentences at both the federal and state level. If you are convicted, you will spend time in prison.

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State Or Federal Conspiracy Charges

Drug offenses that involve more than one person can be charged as a conspiracy. Whether or not you participated in the actual trafficking of illegal narcotics, you may be charged with conspiracy to traffic. A conspiracy offense is punishable at the same level as the actual offense.

In addition to facing conspiracy drug trafficking charges, you may be held responsible for any of the illegal acts of your co-conspirators arising out of the conspiracy, such as auto theft, burglary or even murder.

Penalties For Drug Trafficking Conspiracies In North Carolina

The penalties for state or federal charges involving a conspiracy to traffic drugs are severe. Depending on the quantity of drug you were found with, you will face the following penalties if convicted of conspiracy to traffic:

  • Marijuana: 25 to 219 months
  • Cocaine: 35 to 219 months
  • Heroin or opium:70 to 279 months
  • Oxycodone: 70 to 279 months
  • Methadone: 35 to 219 months

There are also substantial fines that go along with a conspiracy to traffic conviction; these fines increase with the amount of drugs you are accused of conspiring to traffic.

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