Avoiding Domestic Violence

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As we deal with the hardships of the current economic downturn, many of us are faced with mounting stress and worry about our jobs, families and finances. Some family members can even turn against each other during difficult times. Good people can get pushed over the edge, causing them to act in ways they do not intend. As our economy has weakened, the incidence of domestic violence has increased.

This fact is an important reminder to always keep your cool and walk away if an argument becomes too heated. In order to avoid crossing the line into domestic violence, use these tips to avoid becoming physically or mentally abusive.

Share your problems and concerns. Do not keep your worries and frustrations bottled up inside. Sharing open and honest communication will reduce the risk of heated arguments. If your family members understand your circumstances, they will be able to more effectively communicate with you.

Also, take the needs of all of your family members into account. Each person has unique experiences and concerns in his or her life and may require special attention or resources. Instead of becoming angry with someone for how they behave or things they say, take the time to understand their experiences.

Further, seek help if you or your family needs some assistance. Addressing problems in a professional setting can be very beneficial. Also, speaking to a friend or spiritual adviser is another good option.

Finally, set reasonable rules for your home. Everyone should be responsible for helping in any way they can towards providing for the family and maintaining the home. One person should not bear the burden, as this person might become resentful and angry.

Domestic violence is a serious issue with serious consequences. By following these tips, you can maintain healthy relationships with your family members during difficult times.

Source: The Seattle Times “Strategies to cool domestic violence” 9/22/10