Nightclub Drug Bust Results in Arrests of 15 People

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Those looking to enjoy an evening out on the town were instead treated to an elaborate sting operation this weekend. Police arrested 15 people during a drug bust at a Thomasville nightclub last Friday night and into Saturday morning. The defendants are accused of 380 drug charges for their alleged participation in the sale and exchange of drugs. Thomasville police are also seeking two additional people with outstanding warrants who were allegedly involved in the operation.

Prior to the drug bust, agents worked undercover at Las Estrallas Bar and Nightclub for six months in order to gain information about suspected drug deals. Thomasville police officers executed the bust at 802 Midland Avenue. Police officers seized marijuana and cocaine during the sting operation.

According to the Thomasville Police Department, officers held 50 people in the bust, but only 16 were later charged. The 380 drug charges included drug trafficking and possession with intent to sell and deliver drugs.

Arrest warrants filed in Davidson County Clerk of Court’s Office revealed that some of the individuals arrested in the bust had sold drugs to undercover law enforcement agents at some point between September 25 and December 2.

The bust resulted from a collaborative effort of many local and national agencies. Those who participated in the investigation of the nightclub were the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Alcohol Law Enforcement, the Thomasville Fire Department, the Asheboro Police Department, Davidson County EMS, the North Carolina Department of Revenue and the clerk of court of Davidson County.

Source: “Sting at Thomasville bar results in numerous charges,” 4 December 2010