Drunk driving suspect used fake North Carolina drivers’ license

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The identities of two Hispanic men pulled over across state lines for speeding last weekend were still unknown as of this past Tuesday. After the driver of the car was arrested and charged with drunk driving, police found him and his passenger to each be in possession of a fraudulent North Carolina drivers’ license. It is still unclear as to whether the men were actually living in North Carolina or whether they arbitrarily decided to purchased a fraudulent North Carolina drivers’ license.

Neither of the men in the car would provide their ages, home or work addresses to police interpreters. Both provided what were later revealed to be false names. Each man is now being held while federal immigration authorities determine whether or not they will face an Immigration Review judge for a deportation hearing.

Officers claim they witnessed the men driving 80 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone, which is what initiated police intervention. The police report alleges the men tossed beer cans out the window before the officers reached the car. That, coupled with the alleged smell of alcohol on the drivers’ breath, led the officers to administrate a field sobriety test which came back positive.

Officers say each of the men provided them with fake names before one of the two men fled across the highway. Officers proceeded after him on foot and were able to stop the suspect after a brief chase.

Each man was still being held on a $3,000 bond as of this past Monday.

Source: DelmarvaNow.com “Bishopville: Two men held after traffic stop won’t give” by Scott Muska, 3/15/11