Meth lab in daycare center raided by North Carolina police

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A Morganton, North Carolina couple was placed under arrest early last week under suspicion of operating a meth lab within a daycare center. Recently, the duo had allegedly made large purchases of pseudoephedrine, automatically bringing them under intense scrutiny by local authorities due to the crucial role the drug plays in cooking methamphetamine. Both were being held on $25,000 bail as of late last week.

The woman arrested in the drug bust had recently applied for a license to operate a day care center in her home, the subject of the police raid. In what is probably more than a coincidence, she received the license to operate on the very same day police descended upon the house and arrested the couple.

Though the national news media and local authorities have drawn much attention to the fact that this alleged meth lab was operating out of the basement of a daycare center, it appears no children had actually yet been enrolled at the Morganton residence at the time of the police raid. The woman arrested did have four children of her own under the age of 10, all of whom have now been placed by social services into custody. Knowing these facts, the alleged situation – however morally oppositional – becomes much less unique. It is unknown whether the couple intended to actually enroll children in their daycare or whether it would have merely remained a front on paper for the meth lab.

Police and the news media have brought much attention to the fact that the residence had been registered as a day care center because meth labs often create a toxic environment within the structure in which they operate. Even after intense cleanup efforts, dangerous chemical residue can remain inside a structure for decades.

We may continue to follow this case on our blog. Check back for updates.

Source: “Couple arrested for running meth lab out of day care center” by Lauren Johnston 3/4/11