Durham Middle School Teacher Accused of Sexual Activity with a Student

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A former student at Parkland High School in Forsyth County says that she had an affair with the band director three years ago in 2007. The teacher currently works at Shepard Middle School in Durham.

As a result of the former high school student’s allegations, the band director is now named in a warrant charging the teacher with 64 counts of sexual offenses with a student. The former student claims that the sexual affair lasted from 2007 to May 2008. The teacher is not under arrest at this time and authorities are asking for help in ascertaining his whereabouts.

The former high school student shared her relationship with the band teacher in a story in North Carolina Central University’s campus newspaper, the Campus Echo. In the paper’s essay, she explains her sexual affair with the band teacher in detail. The student also claims that she had an abortion to terminate a pregnancy as a result of the affair.

In the essay, the student says that the teacher was also engaging in sexual acts with another student at the same time as her affair.

When a teacher has a sexual interaction with a student, he or she may face numerous North Carolina criminal charges, including statutory sex offenses and sexual activity with a student. Sex crimes involving teachers are often heavily prosecuted because there is the implication of taking advantage of the student when he or she is most vulnerable.

Regardless of whether the allegation is true or false, anyone charged with a sex offense should seek the experienced counsel of a North Carolina criminal lawyer.

Source: NBC 17 “Durham Middle School Band Teacher Facing Sex Charges,” 4/23/2011