Nicolas Cage faces domestic abuse charges

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Many different things can lead to domestic violence. Many times, individuals who abuse family members do so while under the influence of alcohol. In these situations, resolving the alcohol abuse problem can put an end to the domestic violence.

Actor Nicolas Cage and his wife of seven years had an argument in New Orleans this past week. The authorities suspect that he had been drinking before the incident took place. The couple apparently disagreed about whether the house they were standing in front of was the house they were renting. It is alleged that Nicolas Cage lost his temper, grabbed his wife’s arm and dragged her toward the home.

The actor also kicked some vehicles before attempting to get into a taxi. The disturbance prompted onlookers to flag down nearby police officers. The officers approached Nicolas Cage as he was getting into the taxi. The police ordered him out of the cab and alleged that he was heavily intoxicated.

Apparently, this made Nicolas Cage even more frustrated, and he began to yell at the officers. As a result, they decided to arrest the celebrity. He was charged with domestic abuse and disturbance of the peace. He posted bail of $11,000. He will appear in court on May 31 to face these charges. Nicolas Cage does not have any prior history of domestic violence.

If convicted, Nicolas cage could face serious consequences. However, domestic violence charges do not always result in convictions. Many times prosecutors will agree to allow a person accused of domestic abuse to avoid jail time by entering into anger management counseling programs.


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