North Carolina store clerk targeted by police for drug distribution

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North Carolina police uncovered a possible drug trafficking operation via an outlet in Concord earlier this week. They suspect various illegal prescription drugs not for sale in this country are being smuggled through the operation from Mexico.

Alcohol Law Enforcement agents part of the investigation reported to the news media this past Tuesday that various illegal prescription drugs such as oral tablets, injectables and creams had been uncovered at a convenience store in Concord, North Carolina. The investigation began late last week after local Wadesboro police had been tipped off about the convenience store.

Police indicated they have reason to believe this particular store is part of a larger operation bringing in illegal prescription drugs from Mexico. 37 similar cases have been uncovered near Charlotte since 2008, all with store owners claiming they were unaware the prescription drugs were illegal or dangerous. Most claim they thought they were just helping members of the local Hispanic community who didn’t have health insurance to obtain prescription drugs.

Representatives from various local news media outlets attempted to speak with the store owner for comment, but were referred to the man’s attorney who then declined comment due to the pending criminal investigation. Based on investigatory work done by WSOCTV Eyewitness News, it would appear members of the Hispanic community hold the store owner in high esteem. Those interviewed commented on the man’s truly positive motives for assisting those in his community with attaining necessary medication.

The store owner will minimally face a misdemeanor charge for distributing prescription drugs without a pharmacy license. Police are likely to keep investigating for more evidence in the case so they can increase the charges.

Source: WSOCTV “Agents: Illegal Drugs Were Sold From Concord Convenience Store” 4/19/11