Three North Carolina men arrested in large drug bust last week

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A large drug bust went down in Lenoir County, North Carolina last month, yielding over 2,000 grams of powder cocaine worth roughly $250,000. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the bust. Drug charges were filed against four men, three of whom are North Carolinians.

The situation had already been under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies when police received word two weeks ago that many kilos of cocaine would be making their way through Roberson County to La Grange. Officers intercepted those involved as well as the drugs in Roberson County while simultaneously arresting the buyer in La Grange.

In addition to the 2,363 grams of coke, police also seized three firearms in the raid. Two of the men receiving charges were from Deep Run, North Carolina, one from La Grange, North Carolina. The fourth man was from Ennis, Texas.

Drug charges received by the men from Deep Run and Texas related to cocaine trafficking as well as conspiracy to traffic cocaine. The La Grange man was charged with drug possession, maintaining a dwelling and conspiracy to traffic drugs, namely cocaine. The men from Deep Run and Ennis are being held in the Robeson County Jail, and the La Grange man in the Lenoir County Jail as of this past Monday, March 28th. It is unclear at the time of publication whether bail has yet been set or posted for any of the men charged with these drug crimes.

As stated prior, many state and federal law enforcement agencies were involved in the drug investigation and subsequent arrests. These agencies include the Wilson, Rocky Mount and Greenville Police Departments, Lenior County and Person County Sherriff’s Offices, North Carolina’s State Bureau of Investigation and Highway Patrol as well as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Source: ABC News WCTI12 “Drug Bust Lands Thousands Of Grams Of Cocaine” 3/28/11