MTV Teen Mom Performs Community Service After Drug Charges

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An MTV “Teen Mom” reality television star worked her community service hours by picking up trash along a North Carolina highway after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug charge in late April. The reality show mom has been arrest twice in the past six months – once for the drug charge and once for breaking and entering and assault.

The 19-year-old woman pled guilty to the drug charge but the assault charge has not yet been resolved in the North Carolina court. As part of her drug charge sentence, she was ordered to complete 24 hours of community service. She is also on probation for one year, which means that she needs to try to stay out of trouble to avoid additional criminal punishment.

In an effort to improve her image and get herself out of trouble, she claims that she is no longer with her boyfriend who was considered a “freeloader” during the MTV reality show. She claims to have stopped smoking pot. She has also sought guidance from a local Buddhist temple, according to a statement she released to her fans.

The woman has a young boy. Both mom and son were featured on the MTV “Teen Mom” show and, as a result of her criminal charges, has quickly become one of the more controversial young women on the show.

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