Raleigh Shooting at Apartment Complex Raises Safety Concerns

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Three people were arrested for allegedly breaking into a Raleigh apartment complex and shooting a man in the home invasion. Two men and one woman were charged with various charges related to the incident, including robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, firing a weapon inside a dwelling, assault, second degree kidnapping, and conspiracy.

The victim was a 20-year-old man. The three were allegedly trying to rob the victim when they shot him. Police believe that the three suspects knew that man. The victim was not the resident of the apartment – the two renters of the apartment were charged Friday, May 13, with two drug charges: marijuana possession and maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of selling marijuana.

The apartment complex that was the site of the home invasion is at Wolf Green Drive in Raleigh. Many students live in the apartment complex and are now fearful about the safety of their home. “I think it is scary because we spend a lot of time over here,” one regular visitor said. “You expect it to be safe and something happens.”

Another North Carolina State student was moving in to the apartment complex when the incident occurred. She was also concerned for her safety given the recent shooting at the complex.

It appears, from the local news report, that the suspects knew the victim and that the shooting wasn’t random. While it remains to be seen whether the presence of marijuana in the apartment contributed to the home invasion, police are continuing their investigation and will likely provide more details in the future.

Source: WRAL (online) “Shooting at Raleigh Apartment Worries Student Residents,” 5/13/2011