Sex Offenders Must Update Address on the North Carolina Registry

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One sex offender learned the hard way that he must update his listed address on the Sex Offender Registry after every move or change of address. A 43-year-old man was charged in Carteret County with failure to change his address.

The man moved from Wake County to Newport recently and failed to register his new address in the time allotted for sex offenders to do so. Police picked him up in Newport on the violation.

The man’s original sex offenses include a 1992 2nd degree rape and 2nd degree sex offense conviction. The man has also been convicted of a variety of other drug crimes, sex crimes and theft and stolen property crimes. This is the third time the man has been charged with failure to register. He was previously convicted of the offense in 2009 and 2005, according to the North Carolina Department of Correction.

This example serves as a reminder to all North Carolina residents who are convicted of a sex offense. If the sex offense requires Sex Offender Registry participation, the offender must follow the rules of the registry.

Rules of the North Carolina registry require that all offenders notify the department of address changes. Other rules include prohibiting certain activities such as a name change, babysitting and, in some cases, residency limitations.

Source: JD News “Sex Offender Accused of Failing to Change Address,” 6/10/2011