North Carolina Suspects Who Flee the Police May Lose Their Car

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

North Carolina’s new law allows law enforcement officers to seize the vehicle of a suspect who flees officers. Governor Bev Purdue signed the “Run and You’re Done Bill,” which will go into effect on December 1.

Jacksonville Deputy Police Chief said that “the law creates more accountability on the part of the person attempting to elude police, as they face not only criminal charges but also the possible financial impact from the loss of their vehicle,” according to the report by JD News. Other law enforcement officers have said that this law is a long time coming and will provide extra punishment for those who flee after suspected drug offenses, traffic offenses or other crimes.

High speed chases seriously endanger the lives of innocent civilians. In recent instances, a man high on bath salts exceeded 100 mph as he fled through two North Carolina counties. Another man fled authorities along N.C. 24, travelling 160 mph before he was caught. These scary instances create havoc for law enforcement and others on the road.

According to JD News, there were 2,013 charges for felony speeding to elude arrest in all of North Carolina. This represents enough of a threat to public safety that the legislature and the governor hope that this new law will provide enough punishment to deter acts of fleeing the police.

Source: JD News (online) “New Law Allows Seizure of Fleeing Vehicles,” Lindell Kay, 7/11/2011