Famous NASCAR Driver Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges in North Carolina

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Famed NASCAR driver Kyle Busch pleaded guilty to driving to speeding and reckless driving charges in Iredell County in late August. The criminal charges against the driver stemmed from an incident where Busch was caught going 128 mph in a 45 mph speed limit zone.

Busch’s criminal defense attorney argued that he was not given the same treatment as others have received in Iredell County. Busch was given a Prayer for Judgment (PFJ) continued on the reckless driving charge, meaning that unless he commits another crime, the charge will not count against him. He must also pay a fine and he will lose his driving license for up to one year.

While Busch has apologized to the community, his fans and sponsors, it’s remarkable that no one was injured by Busch. According to law enforcement reports, Busch was driving along Perth Road in rural Iredell County near a residential area and a church. If a car or child had traveled into his path, it’s highly unlikely that the pro driver would have been able to avoid a collision.

At the time of being stopped by a deputy, Busch was driving a Lexus car valued at $400,000 that he was given to test drive. He told the police officer that the car was “just a toy.” Community members, however, were not amused by Busch and felt that he should have been jailed for his reckless driving.

Source: WECT “Kyle Busch loses license after pleading guilty to 128 mph speeding,” David Whisenant, 8/24/2011