Cyber Monday Offers Great Opportunity for Criminals

By KevinMarcilliat, In White Collar Crimes, 0 Comments

As millions of Americans go online to shop for the upcoming holidays, the North Carolina Attorney General has issued caution about the possibility of identity theft or stolen credit card online. There are several tips that any online shopper should follow to avoid the possibility of theft or swindle.

First, the North Carolina Attorney General encourages all shoppers to use large store websites or sites that have been in existence for awhile to avoid fraudulent sites. Even small business sites may be legitimate if they’re established and run through a secured server for making the purchase.

Second, it is highly recommended that the shopper check websites such as the state Consumer Protection Division and the Better Business Bureau before making a purchase. The sites offer valuable information about any recent complaints about the business’s online practices.

Third, all shoppers should use only a credit card when shopping online. Federal law caps individual liability at $50 for identity fraud committed on a credit card. This will protect a shopper who is the victim of identity fraud or credit card theft.

Identity theft is extremely common online. This white collar crime also occurs more often during the holiday months when so many Americans use the internet for shopping.

Source: WECT “Cooper cautions NC residents on cyber shopping,” 11/28/11