North Carolina Man Arrested for Child Pornography Possession

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A man from Ayden, North Carolina, was arrested and charged with ten counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor after officers uncovered more than 1,600 DVDs, tapes and other media containing child porn. Child pornography possession is illegal in North Carolina.

Special enforcement agencies focus entirely on enforcing child pornography laws. The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force investigates possible child porn possession. Other law enforcement agencies take special interest in arresting people with child porn because of the harm caused to children in making the pornography. Officers say it victimizes children.

“The internet provides a lot of anonymity for folks and I guess they just obtain a certain comfort level with being able to do this kind of thing so they think nobody’s watching,” Pitt County Sherriff’s Office Detective told Eyewitness 9. However, any time a North Carolina resident views child pornography, the action is tracked through the computers IP address. The enforcement agencies often rely on IP address tracking to locate a suspect.

The man is currently being held in the Pitt County Detention Center.

Source: Eyewitness News 9, “Ayden man arrested on multiple child porn charges,” Andrea Blanford, 10/21/2011