Former City Council Candidate Pleads Not Guilty to Racketeering Charges

By KevinMarcilliat, In Criminal Defense, 0 Comments

A former Greensboro city council candidate and five other accused gang members have plead not guilty to federal charges of racketeering in District Court. The man is the leader of the North Carolina Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation.

The indictment against the former candidate for Greensboro city candidate also includes 12 other men all of whom allegedly conspired to commit arson, murder, kidnapping and extortion. According to the court reports, there is a taping with more than 100 hours of recordings where the men were said to have discussed possible crimes against former gang members.

Despite the not guilty plea, the judge determined that the man should be held without bail in the Forsyth County jail. The attorneys for the three defendants present Wednesday requested that the judge reconsider a reasonable bond, but the judge declined despite a letter signed by four local clergy.

The testimony at the hearing held Wednesday alleged that the men had previously discussed serious crimes with one another, including making bombs and Molotov cocktails in 2010. The goal, according to testimony and recordings, was to harm a former gang member who had stopped participating in the Latin King.

Source: The Republic “Former Greensboro City Council candidate, 4 other plead not guilty to racketeering,” 12/14/2011