Lawsuit Filed Against Wilmington Coach for Alleged Sex Abuse

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A Wilmington basketball coach has been sued in civil court for damages stemming from the sexual assault of an autistic girl in 2008. The youth coach pled guilty to third-degree rape in New York and sexual assault in North Carolina of the then 16-year-old girl.

The coach was charged in New York because of a traveling trip from North Carolina to New York where law enforcement authorities said the coach raped the girl. He was sentenced to short prison sentences for the charges and he was released. According to records with the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry, the man currently lives in Wilmington.

The victim is now requesting significant money damages for pain and suffering, permanent traumatic, mental psychological and emotional injuries. The victim seeks more than $5 million in damages against the coach, the basketball group and the Grace Harbor Church who initiated the basketball team.

In addition to criminal charges or criminal convictions, an accused sex offender may also face a civil lawsuit filed by the victim or his or her family. In most cases, the victim will allege negligence and emotional harm caused by the assault and he or she will seek monetary compensation for the damage.

Source: Star News Online, “Sex abuse victim files lawsuit against former coach,” F.T. Norton, 1/12/2012