New Criminal Laws in North Carolina Begin at Start of 2012

By KevinMarcilliat, In Criminal Defense, 0 Comments

As residents return to work after ringing in the New Year holiday, it’s important North Carolinians understand changes to the criminal laws that began around January 1. The most notable change involves changes to the teenage driving laws.

Teenage drivers will now be required to note all of their hours spent behind the wheel and provide the log to license officials prior to receiving their license. Teens with a learners permit must demonstrate proof of 60 hours logged before they can receive their novice license. A novice licensed driver must demonstrate an additional 12 hours to qualify for a full North Carolina license.

These changes must also be certified by a parent or guardian. The changes in the graduated driving law only apply to drivers under the age of 18 who are seeking a license.

Other updates to North Carolina laws include a modification that allows individuals convicted of misdemeanors to be housed in county jails, not state prisons. The goal of this change is to reduce the financial burden on state prisons. Another notable change reduces the power of the state tax collector to fight corporations who may be dodging state tax requirements.

Source: WFMY News, “New Laws Come With the New Year In North Carolina,” Devetta Blount, 12/30/2012