Deadly Bar Fight Leads to Murder Charge for North Carolina Law Student

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A night of drinking at Ed’s Tavern in Dilworth Sunday turned deadly when a 23-year-old law student threw 26-year-old man into the path of an oncoming car. A passing BMW car struck the 26-year-old man, causing fatal injuries.

According to witnesses, the bar fight at Ed’s Tavern began inside and then spilled out into the parking lot. Witnesses have yet to report how or why the situation escalated so quickly. Police report that the driver of the BMW stopped immediately after striking the man and is not expected to face criminal charges in the fatal accident.

The 23-year-old man involved in the fight has been charged with murder. The law student formerly attended the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill where he played football. The man started attending Charlotte School of Law in 2010.

Friends of the deceased victim reported that he was engaged to be married. He was a sports writer in Charlotte and had recently moved to North Carolina from Ohio. A close neighbor and friend of the victim told reporters that he feels great sadness after losing his friend. The man asked the public to pray for both the family of the deceased but also the young man who was involved because he too has been “lost” by this event.

Police and prosecutors are asking anyone with information about this late night bar fight to come forward and call the Homicide Unit detective or Crime Stoppers.

Source: Gaston Gazette, “Law student charged with murder after bar fight,” 3/5/2012