Ex-NASCAR Driver Cries “Conspiracy!” in North Carolina

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A former racecar driver in North Carolina claims that law enforcement officials and NASCAR are involved in a conspiracy against him. A grand jury handed down indictments against Jeremy Mayfield on February 20 for possession of stolen property and obtaining property by false pretense.

Police also found 1.5 grams of meth during the November raid of the ex-NASCAR driver’s home and immediately charged him with drug possession.

Almost three years ago, Mayfield was suspended from racing with NASCAR after failing a random drug test. Claiming that a combination of an allergy medication and another medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder led to the positive test, he has been fighting the suspension in court. He is currently claiming that the testing system was flawed and he has sued NASCAR, its owner and the company who administered the test.

Mayfield claims he has never been charged with anything more serious than a speeding ticket and believes that his current lawsuit against the three parties has prompted NASCAR to work with local law enforcement in an effort to cause more problems for him.

Since his suspension, Mayfield has had a myriad of legal issues and – in addition to the criminal charges – is facing:

  • Foreclosure on his 388 acre property
  • $109,000 of overdue property taxes
  • Judgments for more than $2 million in unpaid debts

Source: USA Today, “Mayfield says NASCAR, law enforcement conspiring against him,” Associated Press writer, 2/21/12