Two North Carolina College Students Investigated For Sex Offenses

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Two football players at a North Carolina university were the subject of a recent investigation by the ASU Code of Student Conduct Board. Another student reported that the two had raped her at a fall party and then escaped through a second story window.

Both students were found to be responsible for sexual assault and sexual misconduct by the student conduct board last fall and were suspended for eight semesters each. A school appeals board upheld the finding and the suspensions. But, the University allowed the men back on campus and granted them each a new, separate hearing on the sex crimes allegations.

After the new hearings, one player was found responsible for the rape and the other was not.

The rape was reported to the county Sheriff’s office, but neither student has been criminally charged with a sex offense related to the reported rape. Another student victim did come forward however, after the first reported the alleged sexual assault.

The second rape survivor said the same two players had also raped her after a spring party in 2011. In total, she reported that four football players and one other man sexually assaulted her. Four of the five men were held responsible by the Student Conduct Board for the sex offenses. One was found responsible for sexual misconduct and sex offenses and suspended for eight months. Another was found responsible for harassment and can no longer play football at ASU.

The students appealed and new hearings took place at the end of March.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal, “ASU issues new sex-case rulings,” Monte Mitchell, April 27, 2012

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