8 Pounds Of Marijuana, Cash, Seized In Drug Bust

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Five people, between the ages of 20 and 45, were arrested on drug charges in Greenville during a recent drug enforcement operation in Granville County. Officers seized marijuana, ecstasy (MDMA), drug paraphernalia and about $1000 in cash in the bust.

All five individuals were being held on bonds ranging from $5,000 to $200,000.

According to police, the purpose of the enforcement action was to round up known drug dealers around Greenville. The department periodically does these types of sweeps and believes that it gets good results from the drug enforcement efforts.

Charges against the five include:

  • Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Maintaining a vehicle for the sale or distribution of drugs

Marijuana is a Schedule VI substance and ecstasy is a Schedule I substance under North Carolina drug laws. Schedule I substances have no medical use and have a high likelihood of abuse. Schedule I substances include heroin, ecstasy, GHB, opium and others.

A Schedule VI substance is considered to have a lower likelihood of abuse but also has no accepted medical use. Schedule IV substances include marijuana, hashish and hashish oil.

A conviction related to a Schedule VI controlled substance is a misdemeanor (first offense). A conviction related to a Schedule I controlled substance is a felony (first offense).

Mandatory minimum sentencing applies to convictions for drug offenses. Sentencing for a first offense Schedule VI sentence is 10 days in jail unless the sentence is suspended. A first offense related to a Schedule I controlled substance can result in a four to five month sentence. Convictions for additional charges may increase the overall total sentence.

Source: The Daily Reflector, “Five arrested in drug operation,” June 30, 2012