Family Photos Are Evidence Of Sex Crimes According To Police

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A head college football coach was charged with sex offenses involving minors last week after complaining that his University-issued cell phone was not working properly. When examined by IT professionals at the University, personal videos and photos contained on the phone depicted naked children.

The IT professional reported the videos to University administration who then turned the videos over to the county sheriff’s office for review. Todd Hoffner, the coach of the Mankato Mavericks for the last four years, is now facing sex offense charges related to using minors in sexual performance/pornographic work and possession of child pornography.

Initial investigations reveal that the children involved are related to Hoffner.

Hoffner and his wife insist that the sex offense charges against him are ‘ridiculous.’ They say they are family photos and videos that were simply used to capture moments in their children’s lives rather than to be used in any kind of pornographic way.

In total, there are at least three videos that the police believe to be evidence of a sex crime. Three children under 10 are in the videos and in one video, a male voice can be heard directing one of the children, a girl, to ‘go potty.’ The video stops short of actually recording her going to the bathroom.

One lesson that can be taken from this is to never use your work cell phone (or computer for that matter) for material that can be deemed pornographic. In the wake of the Penn State sex offenses scandal, no doubt that schools are more apt to take action against employees who may be viewed, even remotely, as committing a sex crime. Even if you are simply taking photos or videos of your family, don’t use your work equipment.

Hoffner has been placed on administrative leave from the University.

Source: KARE 11, “Mankato football coach facing sex crime charges involving children,” August 22, 2012