North Carolina Man Faces Sex Charge for Work Bathroom Video

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Even one allegation of a sex offense can lead to harsh consequences, as a 20-year-old North Carolina man has learned. The man is charged with secret peeping after a female coworker found that she had been recorded with a cellphone while using the restroom. Although police believe the incident was isolated, the man is facing a serious charge of a sex offense.

The incident started when a female employee found a phone under a locker in an employee-only bathroom at the Lincolnton, North Carolina, nursing home where she and the man both worked. It was recording video in the single-stall bathroom, which only employees could access. The woman played the video, which showed her colleague putting the phone under the locker and showed the woman entering and using the bathroom. The view of the toilet is blocked by leg of the locker.

The man was escorted off the property and his cell phone was turned over to police. After obtaining a search warrant, police found the phone contained ordinary photos and videos of the man, his friends and family. There was just one recording from the nursing home bathroom, and police told employees that they believe the incident was isolated.

Despite the isolated nature of the incident, the man faces a sex charge with the potential for serious consequences. In addition to the possibility of fines and jail or prison time, people charged with sex offenses must often deal with the social stigma of the charge. Many kinds of sex charge convictions require registration as a sex offender. If you are facing sex charges, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn about the potential sentence if you are convicted and your best defense against the charge.

Source: WBTV, Cops: Man secretly filmed female co-worker in nursing home bathroom, August 8, 2012.