Teen Accused Of Selling Drugs Resulting In Possible Overdose Death

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An online drug sales ring, a home chemistry lab and student drug dealers are being talked about after the death of a 17-year-old Raleigh high school student from an LSD overdose. Another 17-year-old student was arrested and charged with selling the LSD that resulted in the death by apparent overdose.

The student dealer told police that he was working with another 18-year-old student to sell LSD in the Triangle area. The other student would purchase the LSD online and have it delivered to a post office box. Each package contained multiple ‘hits’ of LSD – from 700 to 2,000. The student would then sell the LSD for $5-$10 each.

An unknown caller reported that the LSD was being manufactured by another student at home, in a makeshift chemistry lab. The 18-year-old’s home was recently searched in connection with the drug distribution ring. Several items that potentially may serve as evidence against the duo were seized including computer flash drives, a laptop, a desktop computer, cell phones and keys to three post office boxes.

The night of the party that preceded the 17-year-old’s death, the student dealer admitted to police that he had sold or given away at least 13 hits of LSD.

High school students in Apex, Raleigh and Cary were the target market for the drug-selling duo.

The state medical examiner has not confirmed the 17-year-old’s death was caused by a drug overdose. There are few, if any cases, of death caused by an LSD overdose. It is possible that another substance was used in manufacturing the LSD that contributed to the student’s death or that other factors were at play. LSD-related deaths are typically attributed to actions taken by the person on the drug, rather than the drug itself.

Source: News Observer, “Teen told Apex police that friend bought LSD online,” October 24, 2012