Two Raleigh, Two Maryland Men Arrested On Drug Charges

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Drug offenses involving marijuana, opium and heroin were at the center of four arrests over the past weekend by Raleigh police.

Police did not say whether the Nguyens are related; Thai’s charges came about three hours after Thuong’s arrest and involve accusations that Thai had delivered the marijuana to Thuong. Both were being held on $125,000 bail.

Fitch and Allen were arrested together on New Bern Avenue. Fitch’s bail was set at $1.5 million; Allen’s was set a $3 million.

Determining Pretrial Release In North Carolina

Bail is set, or a bail bond is required, to ensure that a person accused of a crime will return to court to face the criminal charges. A judge or magistrate can set the terms for pretrial release that he or she believes are necessary to secure an accused’s appearance, including:

  • A written promise to return
  • An unsecured bond
  • Under the supervision of a specific person or organization
  • A secured bond
  • House arrest with electronic monitoring

An individual’s prior criminal history as well as the crime charged are considered in setting conditions of pretrial release

Source: Raleigh News and Observer, “Raleigh police charge four men in two drug cases,” October 8, 2012