Raleigh Assault Caught In Pictures Released As Police Search For Suspects

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A month ago, two people were attacked by about five men outside of Raleigh restaurant La Volta. Police recently released surveillance photographs of the incident and are asking for the public’s help in finding those involved in the late-night assault.

John Mosley has little recollection of the events related to the physical altercation. His friend says that he was held in a headlock and then physically attacked by the men. He ended up with several bruises and memory loss from the attack.

According to Mosley’s friend, he had tried to stop the five men from stealing her pocketbook, leading to the streetside assault.

Police said the men were dressed in a ‘preppy’ fashion and there was no indication that they would attack the duo, according to Mosley’s friend. The recently released photos do not actually show the men touching or assaulting Mosley, but do depict the men pushing each other.

In North Carolina, an assault can be categorized at one of several varying levels of severity. An assault may be charged and punishable as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances, injuries and any weapons involved. An assault occurs when one person physically injures another person or when one person threatens or causes the other person to fear physical injury.

Actual physical contact is not necessary in North Carolina to be charged with, or convicted of, assault.

Source: WRAL, “Five wanted in connection with Fayetteville Street assault,” December 5, 2012