House Used To Make Meth Busted In Raleigh

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A suspected Raleigh meth lab was busted last weekend, landing four people in jail on drug charges. Three are being held on $200,000 bond and the fourth on a $75,000 bond.

Jacob Bullock, Brian Brantley Robert Proulx and Laura Clark have been charged with:

  • Possession of methamphetamine
  • Manufacturing methamphetamine
  • Possession of ecstasy
  • Possession of meth and ecstasy with intent to sell
  • Maintaining a drug house
  • Possession of paraphernalia used to manufacture meth

Wake County deputies found drug paraphernalia used to cook meth and manufacture ecstasy, including pseudoephedrine, lantern fuel and crystal drain cleaner in a home and nearby shed on Aberdeen Drive. Three of those arrested on the drug offenses named the alleged drug house as their personal residence.

Ecstasy is classed as a schedule I controlled substance in North Carolina. It has no accepted medical use and is deemed to likely be addictive. A first offense drug crime involving ecstasy is a Class I felony and is punishable by four to five months in jail, or more, depending on the actual crime and facts involved.

Methamphetamine is step below ecstasy and is classed as a schedule II controlled substance in North Carolina. It has some accepted medical use but is subject to sever restrictions. A first offense involving meth is a Class I misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 45 days in jail.

These potential drug offense sentences are just estimates. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area can advise you of the potential sentence you may face if convicted of one or multiple drug crimes.

Source: Raleigh NewsObserver, “Four accused of running meth lab in Raleigh house,” January 7, 2012