Federal Fraud Conviction For Former Army Soldier

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For a year and a half, Natosha Boyd requested reimbursement for travel expenses that exceeded her actual costs, totaling over $400,000 in fraudulent claims for payment. She was part of a conspiracy of at least seven people at Fort Bragg who obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars by submitting false claims to the government.

Boyd has been ordered to repay the $481,000 she took and will spend the next 30 months in federal prison for her crimes. Once out, she will spend another three years on supervised release. She pleaded guilty last October to the fraud crimes related to the Department of Defense’s travel reimbursement system.

Boyd’s ex-husband, Richard T. Kelley II, will be spending a slightly longer time in prison for his federal fraud crimes. Kelley was sentenced to four years in prison and must pay back $800,000 in restitution. Kelley’s job was to review and approve travel expenses at Fort Bragg. Kelley was considered the leader of the fraud conspiracy.

Several expensive vehicles including a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, two Nissan Armadas and Mustang and a Lillington home were seized by the government in an attempt to recoup the losses caused by Kelley and his co-conspirators scheme to defraud the government.

Source: WRAL, “Former Bragg soldier to pay back $481K in fraud case,” February 8, 2013

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