NC Marine Recruiter Accused Of Sex Crimes

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Last year, approximately 12 instructors at an airbase in San Antonio were accused of sexually assaulting recruits in Texas. This year, a local Marine recruiter in the Charlotte suburbs is accused of similar criminal activity. Sergeant Derek Percival has been charged with second degree rape, sexual battery, communicating threats and involuntary servitude related to the accusations of two female recruits.

Two Marine recruits made claims to police that the 24-year-old recruiter, husband and father of two made unwanted sexual advances toward them either in his home or at his office. The first, a 17-year-old female, told police that Percival asked her at least twice for sexual favors when she was stuck at his home. She claims that the recruiter threatened her life if she told anyone about what happened.

The second said she was propositioned at the recruiting station. She told police that Percival requested to see her breasts and asked her to perform oral sex on him. The two recruits are friends.

Percival was stationed at the now closed Salisbury Recruiting Center. Prior to his arrest on the alleged sex offenses, Percival had maintained a squeaky clean record. He had never faced state or federal criminal charges nor had he been disciplined during his military career.

The Marines have barred Percival from continuing any recruiting efforts on the military’s behalf. He is not allowed to have contact with potential recruits, applicants to the military and high school students under the terms of a Protective Order issued by the military.

Percival’s case will first be handled in the North Carolina criminal justice system. Once complete, the Marines may pursue a separate military court process.

Source: WCNC, “Marines respond to sex assault allegations against local recruiter,” January 28, 2012