Arrest Made In Alleged Sex Assault On NC State Campus

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A 21-year-old Garner man was arrested on alleged sex offenses reported on the North Carolina State University campus. According to reports, an NC State student reported that she was sexually assaulted outside the D.H. Hill Library early in the morning in late April.

Marlon Miller is now facing sex crimes charges of second-degree forcible sex offense, first-degree kidnapping and communicating threats related to the alleged attack. Miller doesn’t attend NC State but is often around campus skateboarding. Several people claim that he admitted to the attack within the days following the campus sex crimes report. He turned himself into police voluntarily.

Miller’s bond was set at $752,000 for the sex crime, kidnapping and threats charges. The victim told police that he had threatened to kill her if she screamed during the attack.

Additional police are patrolling the NC State campus as classes wind down for the spring semester. Several other criminal events have been reported in recent weeks, including an alleged armed robbery and a violent theft. Another female student reported being approached by a male while walking on campus, but was able to fend him off with pepper spray and flee the area.

Officials encourage students to remain vigilant about their own personal safety. Do not walk alone and avoid dimly lit areas. Stay alert to your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to campus police.

Source: WRAL, “Garner man charged in NC State sex assault,” May 6, 2013