Drug Ring At Charlotte-Area High School Busted

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One teen, three young adults and one parent have been implicated in a drug ring that allegedly trafficked LSD, heroin and bath salts at a North Carolina high school. An undercover investigation by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, aided by information from a student who got into a fight with deputies while allegedly high on LSD, ended in the arrest of four of those believed to be involved and awaiting the fifth to voluntarily surrender.

Everyone involved in the drug ring faces felony drug charges; 24-year-old James Ziegler has been charged with three counts of heroin trafficking. His mother, 48-year-old Denise Mingle is facing charges of maintaining a drug house.

Based on the information obtained during the two-month undercover drug operation conducted by the Iredell Sheriff’s Office, it is believed that Mingle knew about the drug dealing going on in her home and that she did little to stop her son from trafficking controlled substances to current students at his alma mater.

Nineteen-year-old Thomas Wykoff, 19-year-old Daniel Brown and an unnamed 15-year-old student who attends Lake Norman High School round out the five people linked to the drug ring.

The 15-year-old was considered by police to be the ‘key dealer,’ providing access for the drug ring to students and providing students primarily with LSD and bath salts. According to police, none of the undercover buys that lead to the arrests took place on campus at Lake Norman High.

Once all five are arrested and questioned, it is quite possible that others will be implicated in the drug-selling ring as well.

Source: WSOCTV, “Police: 4 face charges in suspected drug ring linked to local high school,” March 6,2013

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