Father Who Lost Child, Nephew In Collapse, Now Facing Drug Charges

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After a 24-foot hole collapsed on two children, fatally injuring them, the man responsible for digging the hole is facing drug crimes charges unrelated to the tragic cave-in. During the course of the police investigation into the deaths of two North Carolina children, Jordan Arwood was found in possession of two marijuana plants and growing supplies, leading to the drug crimes arrest.

Arwood was the father of the young girl killed in the cave-in and uncle of the young boy. No one is certain what the hole was to be used for – some speculated a basement, a bunker and even an underground growhouse.

Arwood has a history of tangling with the law, including convictions for felony possession with intent to sell or deliver drugs, DWI and resisting an officer. Police also found six firearms at his home; as a convicted felon, Arwood’s right to possess firearms was severely restricted.

Among the weapons was an assault rifle, an AR-15. In addition to the drug charges, Arwood also faces a weapons offense of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

While he grieves the loss of the two children and while the community as a whole recovers from their tragic passing, Arwood will now also be facing the criminal court. His bond was set at $20,000 in Lincoln County.

No charges have yet been filed in connection to the deaths of the two children, nor is it not clear whether any criminal charges will be forthcoming.

Source: Charlotte Observer, “Father of victim in Lincoln County collapse faces gun, drug charges,” April 15, 2013