Green Seeks Review Of Blood Evidence In 1993 Murder Case

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Daniel Green, who was convicted of murdering Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan, in 1993, still maintains that he was falsely accused and wrongly convicted of the man’s death. Green has renewed his quest for a new trial or dismissal of his murder and armed robbery convictions with a request to the State Bureau of Investigation for information about blood tests related to his case.

An audit completed in 2010 of the SBI’s crime lab specifically flagged Green’s case as one in which blood test results may have been misreported or incomplete. Green’s attorney is asking for more information about the handling of blood evidence in the murder case as well as looking to depose those from the SBI who would have been involved in the evidence testing in the case.

Green contends that there was not enough blood found in the car to support the prosecutor’s asserting that he had shot Mr. Jordan in the chest from close range. However, Green’s friend and co-defendant testified against Green at trial, divulging details of the robbery and murder.

Green may be in for an uphill battle as the state plans to contest his request for more information related to the SBI blood testing procedures. The prosecutor is asserting that the audit mistakenly included Green’s case in its listing of cases in which the blood evidence may have been mishandled. Instead, the case was included because the reports could have been written more clearly.

Source: Raleigh News & Observer, “Man convicted of killing Michael Jordan’s father challenges blood evidence,” July 17, 2013