Meth Troubles Continue To Follow Trawick

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Last year, David Trawick was arrested for cooking meth near his Marshville home. This year, Trawick is in jail again, along with his wife and two other women after sheriff’s deputies reportedly uncovered another meth cooking operation, this time inside Trawick’s home. Trawick is the less famous, but possibly more infamous, brother of country singer Randy Travis.

All four now face drug trafficking charges related to the meth bust.

According to the North Carolina Attorney General, the number of meth labs busted in this state have doubled in the last two years. Wilkes County saw the highest number of meth lab busts in 2012, with over 30 recorded by the State Bureau of Investigation. The Charlotte area and Raleigh triangle also saw multiple meth busts in 2012.

Based on 2012 reports, the highest concentration of meth labs appear in counties that include a major highway or interstate, including I-77, I-40 and I-85, as well as in more rural areas. Although, with the introduction of the one-pot method for cooking meth, authorities say that drug manufacturing is finding its way into more urban and suburban areas.

Children are being taken from homes that have housed meth labs at an increasing rate as well. In 2012, 120 kids were removed by police.

Source: WCNC, “Randy Travis’ brother arrested for meth lab,” July 16, 2013