Teen Convicted Of Two Felony Sex Offenses

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A conviction on a second degree rape charge and a second degree sex offense charge means that an 18 year old from Hickory will spend at least the next four years in prison. Mikal Gray was sentenced to spend up to the next 74 months in prison, but officials estimate that it is likely he will serve closer to 51 before he is released.

Gray’s term will be far from over when he leaves prison on his release date. The teen will spend the next 30 years on the sex offender registry, limiting where he can live, work and relocate to, should he want to leave the area unless he becomes eligible for removal from the sex offender registry.

Gray faced sex crimes charges for the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl at a church in Hickory. Gray was reportedly attending a Young Men of Integrity meeting at the Exodus Missionary Outreach Church when the sexual altercation occurred. The group’s mission is to provide mentoring for at-risk youth in the Hickory community.

Gray had originally faced both first degree rape and sex offense charges. According to reports, he and another 15-year-old boy sexually assaulted a mentally challenged girl, leaving signs of using force during the attack. His bail was initially set at $200,000, but a defense attorney representing him at his bond hearing was able to argue for a $100,000 reduction.

Source: WCNC, “Hickory man, 18, convicted on 2 felony sex charges,” July 9, 2013