Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend With Car In Ashe County

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A North Carolina man is facing murder charges after being accused of intentionally running over his girlfriend in Ashe County resulting in her death. State troopers initially responded to the scene on N.C. 88, believing it to be a motor vehicle accident, but decided that foul play was involved and brought in the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

Jacob Johnson was found Friday morning and arrested for the murder of his former girlfriend, Miranda Wiles. Thirty-year-old Johnson had driven away from the scene of the accident, according to police reports, and continued on foot after getting his car stuck in the mud. He recently served time in prison on a drug conviction.

Murder accusations are serious criminal offenses that can lead to a lifetime in prison, or the death penalty in North Carolina if convicted of first degree murder. Whether you have been falsely accused of killing another, or whether an accident was interpreted as a criminal act by police or the prosecutor, you need an experienced defense lawyer on your side right away to develop an appropriate and effective defense strategy.

After an arrest on murder or manslaughter charges, you will be required to appear in court for your “First Appearance.” If you have an attorney, he or she can be represent you at this hearing. You will be read the charges against you as well as read your rights and notified of the maximum possible penalty that you may face if you are convicted of the criminal charges you face.

Source: WSOCTV, “Authorities: Woman deliberately run over in Ashe Co,” August 9, 2013